Getting Audacity 2.0.0 (or earlier) running on Win98

Hello all. So here’s something a bit out of left-field: I’ve got a retro PC running Windows 98 SE and I’m trying to get Audacity running on it. The site says v2.0.0 is the last supported version for that OS so naturally that’s where I started (both the installer exe version and the zip version.) I try to run the installer & just get the following two messages, one after the other:

“The file expects a newer version of Windows. Upgrade your Windows version.”

A device attached to the system is not functioning.”

After this I googled and came across some old posts on another forum. On the suggestions there I also tried v1.3.12 and then v1.2.6 - same result with both.

If all these versions should have been supported under Win98, I can’t understand why all of them are saying it needs a newer version. I would presume it’s probably a PC problem rather than an Audacity issue but a general google search on the error messages hasn’t helped.

The specs of this PC are below in case it helps. If anybody has any ideas on this one I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanking you in advance for any assistance.

AMD Sempron 2400+
CMI8738 sound card

That assumes that the Win 98 OS was fully updated at that time and that it was a “modern” (for the time) CPU.

If I recall correctly, only some of the Sempron chips had SSE2, which is required by Audacity 2.1.3.

Try Audacity 1.3.4.

Hello Steve, thank you for your quick reply.

Unfortunately it’s a no-go with 1.3.4 as well - same issue as all the others.

On the plus side though, it looks like I’ve been able to set up a work-around of sorts by getting a cable from the Win98 PC to the line-in on my Win10 rig, then using Audacity on Win10 to record. Not the ideal all-in-one solution I was hoping for and I’ve got to try and sort out the volume levels, but it should still get the job done.

If anyone still has any more ideas on getting a Win98 Audacity up and running I’d happily welcome them, but this should get me by for the time being. In any case, thank you sincerely for your help.

Is there a reason why you need to run Windows 98?

Nothing serious. Just some old music software from that era that doesn’t run on newer machines - many of those programs have a function to save the music as a .wav file but there’s a couple that don’t, so I wanted to use Audacity to manually record the music as it’s playing and save it that way.

Using a line-in to the Windows 10 Audacity is a bit of a faff but at least it does work.