Get sound in can't get it out!

Mac Mini OS10.15.7, Audacity 2.4.2
Using Rega fono mini a2d. It shows up in Sound and I get a reading from Input Level when disc is played, it shows up in Output but can’t get it any further. it’s selected in Audacity but on signal. Can anyone help. Everything else works.

A simple way to test whether the Rega will play back audio from the computer is to go to the “Sound Effects” section of Sound Preferences and choose the Rega in the dropdown menu for “Play sound effects through:”. Choose different sound effects from the list and you should hear them played through your amplifier that is connected to the Rega outputs.

My reading of the manual for the Rega implies that the output of the Rega is not from the computer but is the output of the phono pre-amp, suitable for connecting to a hi-fi ampifier.

The fact that they call it an “a2d” (analog-to-digital) but do not mention digital-to-analog also implies that it is not meant to play back audio from the computer.

– Bill

Thank Bill, But I don’t think I have explained the problem well. I can playback via a stand-alone speaker from the Rega output. I can’t get a signal to Audacity or to the headphones outlet on the computer or speakers on the monitor. See it in SOUND Preferences/input/output and even get an Input signal showing in Input Level when I play a disc. No matter what I select in output nothing come trough. Can select it in Audacity but that’s it. When I press record there is no signal.


I’m a Windows guy but make sure you’ve selected the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u]. Do you see that option?

Then you’ll generally want to select something else as your Playback Device so you can monitor as you record. That isn’t necessary if you’re also connected directly to your stereo but you’ll need the correct playback device when you listen-back to your recording.

Thanks, Doug
Can select it and even get a moving input level showing in Sound Preferences when I play a disc but no matter what I select in outputs I can’t get any signal. I have other USB sound inputs and they all work fine with Headphones port and HDMI/monitor speaker. But nothing will connect to Audacity, not even the Web camera audio. Beginning to think it’s something to do with the Mac.
Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 17.38.03.png

I still don’t completely understand.

If you are seeing the Rega input in Sound Preferences, then you should be able to select it in the Audacity Device Toolbar as a recording device. Can you do that? Are you saying you’ve done that and get a flat-line recording?

You say “No matter what I select in output nothing come trough … When I press record there is no signal.” I don’t understand this. You need to select the Input (recording device) in Audacity to choose what to record, not the “output”.

In Audacity, if you select the built-in microphone as a recording device, can you record the sound picked up by the internal microphone?

Does Audacity have permission to access the microphone in System Preferences > Privacy and Security > Privacy?

– Bill