get noise profile does not give any information

I am using audacity 2.1.3 on windows 10 64bit OS.

I recorded dialogue on my mobile in a silent room.
First minute had voice and second minute was silent.
I followed .
When I select a part of second minute and choose ‘get noise profile’
I don’t see any indication that whether that button worked.
Is there any way to find out - what noise statistics did audacity gathered ?


If you haven’t gotten an noise profile the “OK” button is greyed-out and you can’t apply the effect.

As min123 said, the sign that it worked is that part 2 becomes enabled when you open the dialog again.

Showing statistics is not yet impemented. It’s a good idea for development.

It’s not going to tell you what your noise is. It’s a bloodhound. You let it sniff the noise and it goes howling off down the show until it finds something that matches. Full stop.

If it fails, then you have to do the actual analysis and that’s a lot harder.

Are you reading for an AudioBook? We have tools that can help.

I need to drop for a minute.


part 2 becomes enabled when you open the dialog again.

Yes, but.

Noise Reduction will always open with the last known good profile, whether it’s for your show or not. I don’t know of any good way to make sure it’s going to do what you want.

We can help if you’re running into noise problems trying to record voice. Record a brief sound sample and post it here on the forum. Do Not Correct it or change it in any way. Record it normally and File > Export. Don’t help it and don’t send an MP3.

Are you on an iPhone or iPod? I know of an app that works pretty well with those. Straight Voice Memo and other apps have too much internal processing to be of use in quality theatrical work. Everything sounds like a wine glass cell call.