Get message "There is not enough room to paste the selection" when just cutting and pasting

I have done this hundreds of time in V2.42. But in V3.4.2, I get an error box if I try to “Cut” a little bit of a track, and then move down in the file and try too paste it into the same track. Only one track in the project and “Keep tracks synchronized” is NOT checked. Opened the one track from a file and there were no previous edits of modifications to the track prior to trying to paste. Happens with any track.

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I’m not sure why Audacity does this. Been a mystery to me. But I’ve typically had to just manually copy the section instead of highlighting the entire piece, then paste into the going project.
What I think it might be is a platform ‘gip’ with Audacity not allowing for actual frames to copy paste with each other.

I continue to use version 2.4.2 to get around issues in 3.4.2. including not being able to use my old vsts, or having to use the short “Preview” audition, to hear what you’ve done. Instead of being able to tweak while playing the track. I use it from the zip version, so I can also use 3.4.2.

yes absolutely bro you are right 100 percent

when pasting in drum sounds i had to do all additions in mono
my original drum track was stereo

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