Get a clip's name via script

I’m trying to write a script that exports each clip within a track to a separate file where the file’s name is the clip’s name.

I can cycle through the clips (SelNextClip) and export each to a file (Export2). However, I don’t see a way of getting a clip’s name. Does Audacity’s scripting support this?

As of September 2022, Audacity scripting didn’t handle clip names (Hi, is there any way to see the list of all clips in a audio track?). Is this still a limitation, and if so, is the best workaround to create a separate label track that mirrors the clip names?

My use case: I’m importing voice actors’ lines into a game. An actor’s lines are all in one track of one file (e.g. CharacterName.aup3), with each line split into a separate clip whose name is the line id (e.g. CN1234). I’m trying to export each clip into its own file named after that line id (e.g. CN1234.ogg).

In the next version of Audacity, clip names can be found from “ClipInfo”.
(Details: GetInfo: Type=Clips does not return clip names · Issue #3723 · audacity/audacity · GitHub)

The easiest way to access and use the clip names would be via a Nyquist Macro, using the command:
(aud-get-info "Clips")

Thank you!