generate tone with multi frequencies :

Is it possible to combine the following 3 pure sine waves (generate tone) into a single wav ?

I’ve tried quick mix, but this messes up the frequencies. I want to maintain the 3 frequencies in this new single wav file ?

Any help would be appreciated.

Please do not double-post. It doesn’t get you help any faster. I’ve deleted your duplicate post from the Audio Processing forum.

“Quick Mix” is in Audacity 1.2. You should consider upgrading to 2.0 here:

That said, Quick Mix is the way to go, but you probably got clipping. Examine your mixed track at full zoom (so you can see the individual samples) - you’ll probably see the tops and bottoms of the wave flattened off.

Generate each sine wave with an amplitude of 0.2, then do the quick mix. The resulting mix will have a maximum amplitude of 0.5. Select the entire mixed track and do Effect > Amplify to bring it to maximum amplitude.

– Bill

Audacity 1.2.x is obsolete - you unless you are using an ancient computer (e.g. Windows 98) you should definitely consider upgrading.
Upgrading from Audacity 1.2.x to Audacity 2.x is very easy, you can either uninstall the old version first or just install the new version over the top. Personally I’d recommend uninstalling the old version first but I don’t think that it really matters.

An alternative method to that described by Bill is to use the “Nyquist Prompt” effect (Effect menu).
“Nyquist” is a programming language that is included in Audacity and you can do all sorts of cool stuff with it.
To use Nyquist commands in the Nyquist Prompt, either type or copy/paste the required code into the text box in the Nyquist Prompt effect.

To replace the current audio track selection with a 440 Hz sine wave you can use the command:

(hzosc 440)

This produces a full amplitude (0 dB) waveform.
To make a smaller waveform it can be scaled like this:

(scale 0.5 (hzosc 440))

This will scale the generated waveform to a level of 0.5.

To scale to a level of 0.2 with a frequency of 220 Hz you could use this code:

(scale 0.2 (hzosc 220))

To generate 2 or more tones simultaneously (mixed) you can use the “SIM” command.
Example, to produce tones at 220, 330 and 440 Hz, each with an amplitude of 0.2:

  (scale 0.2 (hzosc 220))
  (scale 0.2 (hzosc 330))
  (scale 0.2 (hzosc 440)))

Sorry for double post Bill - will know next time.

Thanks for your answer - which makes perfect sense. When you mix two signals you increase amplitude dont you ? Hence the clipping. Will try again as per your instruction.

Wow! Thank you Steve. I’ll definitely look into this language. Had no idea as I’ve only scratched the surface of Audacity, which I love incidentally. Better and more intuitive interface than Sound Forge!

Bill tried your advice and it worked perfectly.

Thank you.