generate silence


Ever since I began using Audacity, it seems the generate silence menu has need some updating. I’ve posted this in the past. Generating Silence in the beginning of the song shows the correct number I usually use. When I go to the end of the song it will not maintain any number so I have to start from scratch. I have also tried using presets and they do not work. Maybe one of you friendly programmers can update this feature. It doesn’t matter which windows I have used but I am using 11 now.

The following steps work for me, when I import multiple audio tracks from my music notation and need all of them to have a leader of 2 seconds.

  1. Zoom in to the track with the earliest start → place cursor at the point where the waveform starts.
  2. Make a note of the time in the time bar above and subtract it from 2 secs. For instance…



  1. Zoom back out → Select (upper text menu) → None.
  2. Hover mouse over very start of the track → click when cursor changes to a pointing hand and yellow line appears. Do NOT click on the “Select” button. The track must not be highlighted.
  3. Generate (upper text menu) → Silence → from “Duration” drop-down menu, choose…

hh:mm:ss + milliseconds

  1. Type in 1.986 → Generate.
  2. Right-click in the highlighted area → Copy → right-click at start of another track → Paste → repeat for the remaining tracks.

The added leader increases the duration of the project.

Hope this helps.

How do you mean? :confused:

How do you mean? Are you talking about the main menu selection Generate > Silence ? or some other tool? :confused:

So I am trying to follow what you are getting at. Once I Select > None, I cannot get the cursor to change to a pointing hand. :confused: