Generate-Rhythm Track Not Working

I just learned about Rhythm Track today so I wanted to try it. I am using an iMac Sierra OS 10.12.6 and Audacity 2.3.3. When I first encountered the problem, I re-installed Audacity 2.3.3 and it did not correct it.
When I select the Rhythm Track plug-in, I get the criteria menu. Whether or not I change the settings, when I click OK, it starts to show Elapsed Time in the counter, but not Remaining Time, which stays at “0”. I let it run on for almost 2 minutes and still no click track. If I click on DEBUG, I get a blank feedback window.

There are some things I don’t understand.

What do you mean by “criteria menu”?

Where do you see the “elapsed time counter” and “remaining time” counter?

– Bill

What I meant by criteria is that when you choose Rhythm Track, a menu opens to set the parameters of the track: tempo, click type, etc. Once those are set and you hit “OK”, a window opens, similar to the one when ou are opening files or saving files that shows a double time counter. One line counts the elapsed time and the other shows the time remaining. In this case, the time remaining starts at 0.00 and stays there, while the elapsed time counter just counts the seconds away and nothing happens to the click track.

Are you referring to the “progress indicator”?


What are your settings in the Rhythm Track dialog?

The defaults look like this. With these settings on my machine the track is generated in about 1 second.
– Bill