Generate Click Track Sounds

Hi all,

Is there any way to change the click track sounds? I prefer a cross-stick sound for my clicks. I see we don’t have an option to select any sound we want but is there a way to replace the wav it uses in the program files?


It doesn’t use a WAV file - it’s a synthesized sound generated in the plug-in.

Perhaps you should create a sound in a drum machine, Effect > Repeat it to the required length then use Effect > Sliding Time Scale on it (or less accurately, Effect > Change Tempo) when you want to change the tempo of the track without changing the pitch.


Thanks Gale. it’s more complicated than I wanted but OK. I see how the sound is made now in the clicktrack.ny file.

There’s a similar topic:

It wouldn’t be that hard to allow custom tones in the click track generator (or rather a clone of it).
The nice thing about generated clicks is that they do work for any sample rate. Stored Audio has to be pitch-shifted in order to abide by this constraint.
The simplest solution is in your case to add a fourth sound choice “Sticks” and to include the samples directly (i.e. as numbers) into the code.