Generate -> Click Track (SOLVED)

I have Audacity 2.0 on Mac OS X Version 10.7.3. Under the Generate menu, I don’t have the Click Track plugin. Does anyone know how I can get the Click Track plugin? (The manual tells me it should be included, but it’s not.)
Thanks in advance for your help.

Go to Audacity menu > Preferences, the Effects tab, and enable Nyquist effects.

– Bill

I looked, and it said they were already enabled, but it still doesn’t show up under Generate.

Where is Audacity installed on your computer? When you installed Audacity, did you also install the included “plug-ins” folder that came packaged with the zip or DMG?

The recommended way to install Audacity on Mac is to open the DMG then drag the “Audacity” folder to your Applications folder. This ensures that all the support files and folders that Audacity needs are in the right place.

– Bill

I reinstalled Audacity the way you described, and now I have the Nyquist plug-ins. Thank you very much.