Generate Audio Morse Code

Hello everyone,

I am currently exploring the world of Morse code and would like to learn how to generate Morse code audio from text using Audacity software. I believe Audacity is a versatile audio editing tool that can assist in this task.

I have a few questions regarding this process:

  • What is the recommended approach for generating Morse code audio using Audacity?
  • Are there any specific plugins or settings in Audacity that can facilitate the conversion of text to Morse code?
  • Is there a preferred method to encode the Morse code tones, such as using sine waves or square waves?
  • Are there any additional resources or tutorials that you would recommend for learning more about using Audacity for Morse code generation?

There is an Audcaity plugin to generate Morse code …
MORSE.NY (12.9 KB)

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Let me try this.
Thanks for the help.

Audacity is a complete audio editing software and system, but Morse code is an entirely different thing.
In my opinion, you can generate audio from your text through any Morse code translator/converter like
After conversion simply download the audio file and use it in your Audacity project.

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And here’s another one.


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