gaussian blur the time axis of the Spectrogram?

I’m trying to get an effect and what I want is to apply a Gaussian blur on the temporal axis of the spectrogram. I call thing Gaussian Mumble.

Is there any software that can do this? Of an I going to have to convert my audio to spectrogram and then do the blur in Krita then convert it back until audio?

Temporal blurring.
Can do this in Audacity using PaulStretch with a stretch-factor of 1, (i.e. duration is not changed).
the time-resolution in PaulStretch defines the amount of temporal blurring.

Thanks I’ll give that a try. The method I used wouldn’t do small enough temporal windows(e.g. It was blurring over too wide an area).

BTW. Not all blurs are created equal. Is there a good technical description of PaulStretch on the web?

another option is 100% wet reverb.

You may have to reverse-reverb, as well as regular forward-reverb.

DtBlkFx has a smear effect which does backwards & forwards blurring at the same time,
but that FFT plugin is quirky & complicated.

The reference implementation is Paul’s stand alone version:
The Audacity plug-in is a simplified version of that.

See here:
(Tip: Google is your friend. I found that link by searching for “paulstretch algorithm”).