Gauge for volume up or down

I am pretty sure that vinckles is talking about the same thing that WaveGain, MP3Gain, and Audacity’s ReplayGain plug-in does.

I was using WaveGain to level my music files until I discovered Audacity’s ReplayGain plug-in which does the same thing, but it does it inside Audacity. It levels the perceived sound of the tracks instead of having to run to the volume knob each time the track changes. The Default setting for all of those programs, or plug-ins is to level at 89dB. Each has a way to adjust that level to what you prefer. WaveGain makes changes to the file that can not be undone unless you save an original copy before applying, but it does offer a “Just Calculate, don’t apply” option that writes the adjustments needed to a text file without messing with the original file.

WaveGain only works with Wav Files
MP3Gain only works with MP3 files
and Audacity’s ReplayGain plug-in will work with any file that Audacity will open, that I have found.