Gasp Removal

I moved closer to my mic and increased the mic gain to be able to generate levels that work for ACX Check. However, now I have been picking up a gasp between some sentences. I have been manually removing them. This is getting OLD FAST. Is there a De-Gasper or some other ‘Effect’ menu item that will help?

removing them

How? There is a shortcut for manual removal.

That’s the exhaustive description. In essence, you drag-select the bad sound and through a magic keystroke, paste over it with well-behaved background sound (or whatever you choose).

I don’t know of any completely automated way to do that. That job falls into the category of “[X] remove everything I don’t want”.

be able to generate levels that work for ACX Check.

What does that mean? Nobody can announce directly into ACX. The best you can do is announce loud enough to overcome noises and then use Mastering tools to go the rest of the way. Is that what you’re doing? We may be able to save you some work.


Yes, That was a big help and I have been using the Punch Copy/Paste that I read from that article. viewtopic.php?f=42&t=71556
I was hoping that there was something that worked like the DeClicker, or Noise Reduction. Something that would let me highlight a Gasp I produce and then searched through the recording and paste over them with the floor noise. Oh well. I had better work on learning improved breathing techniques.

As for the ACX Check. I merely meant that I was originally recording with my voice well below the -12 to -6 dB. By changing my setup I increased my levels and found that I was able to use the Noise Reduction, Filter Curve (low Rolloff for Speech), RMS Normalize, & Limiter steps to get my audio to pass the ACX Check.

(You guys are awesome and truly helpful. Thanks)