G-track pro static/interference problem

I’m having issues with the g-track pro which I can’t find any solutions at all for it, I’m currently can’t work due to this problem, the mic sounds very static and humming on the OMNI and FIG-8 but on the CARDIOID the static/humming is not happening, I tried removing the USB and plugging it into another USB ports but still the same issue, I tried on another computer and the same issue occurs I will attach voice sample for the problem.

Conclusion: The static/humming happens on the FIG-8 and OMNI modes and it causes red flashes/blinks while on the CARDIOID there is noise but not as high as the FIG and OMNI

Attached the voice sample

Microphones get their different patterns (usually) by switching different electronics in and out.

Cardioid or kidney pattern receives sound mostly from the front. Usually where they put the company name. This is the common one. Many microphones only have this pattern.

Omni Directional receives sound from all over. That’s usually not useful unless you’re recording special effects or have a sound studio. It picks up everything.

Figure of 8 receives sound from front and back but not the sides. This can be good for interviews—one person on each side.

One of the internal microphones is broken.

Did you keep your purchase papers?


People can have noise problem with home microphones because they’re too far away, but getting closer can produce popping and vocal air distortion.

You can try getting closer but pushing the microphone to the left or right (B)

Explicit nose.png

Thank you so much for your efforts and your time, and yes I still have the purchase papers.
About the popping, getting closer to the mic produces the popping and the air distortion true thing.
I went to the shop that I bought the g-track from and they told me you will need to leave it for testing 2 days!

Did you tell them it was only noisy on some patterns? If they check it on Cardioid only, it may pass testing.


Yes, I told them that it is noisy at some patterns and they heard the voice sample that I made and the noise was quite loud!
I’ll let you know what is the results of the testing and again I appreciate your help so much!

So, the shop I bought the mic from called me today and told me that it’s normally when you increase the gain the voice will sound distorted and and the agent tried to convince me that the mic has no problem and not damaged.
My reply is that the mic on any level of gain will be very static and distorted no matter how low the gain is and I also said in this case the mic should be replaced with a newer one he said the mic is out of stock…
then the reply was okay we will change the mic capsule for you and we will call you back again!!