Hello everyone,

In my internship my supervisor asked me to identify a audio format of a file.
After some researchs I’ve finally the informations on the picture attached.
This file seems to be a G.723.1. Is it co;pressed or uncompressed ? What can I do with it ? In which format can I convert it ?

Thank you for your help

What did Google have to say about it?

I’m sure it’s compressed. There are only a handful of uncompressed formats. I think there’s only two lossless compressed formats. All the rest sacrifice some quality to get smaller files.

You can install the FFMpeg software add-on and open up many different sound formats. Once inside Audacity, you can export to any supported format.


thank for your help.

That’s why I ve done and i want to put it in one of these formats:

•Linear_16_BIT—signed 16-bit Linear PCM 8Khz
•Linear_8_BIT—unsigned 8-bit Linear PCM 8Khz
•Alaw—G.711 A-Law 8Khz
•MuLaw—G.711 mu-Law 8Khz
•8000 Hz, 16-bit mono, WAV format

how can I do the conversion with audacity ?

For all those, change the project rate bottom left to 8000 Hz. Then choose Other Uncompressed Files in the Export dialogue, then click “Options…”.

You can also obtain 16-bit WAV by choosing “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM” instead of “Other Uncompressed Files”.