Future of Audacity?

Hi fellow audacity users!

I just got to know about this open source, free, audio editor based on a browser!

Is it possible we borrow somethings of it (ideas? colors? code?) to improve audacity for the web? Just day dreaming here!
Someone mentioned it would take years for audacity to get to this point… nevertheless it is super encouraging to see that someone already did this and that the path is open to us all as well!

God bless you all.

Whoever said that is not familiar with Audacity: audiomass does not do anything which Audacity cannot do.

audiomass does not offer multi-track editing, or envelope control, spectral editing tools, nor can you add new effects to it, ( & it’s effects are not as adjustable as the Audacity versions).

I’m not saying audiomass is not a useful audio editor, but it’s not more powerful than Audacity.

Perhaps you are referring to something I wrote in another topic.

For clarification:

Audacity may at some point move to an HTML5 interface rather than it’s current wxWidgets interface. Doing so has several advantages, though it is not likely to happen any time soon and will be a very big job.

I doubt that audiomass has anything that would help Audacity move to HTML5 as it is built on an entirely different code base. As Trebor noted, audiomass is a much more basic audio editor than Audacity. Audacity and audiomass are similar in so far as they are both audio editors, but that’s about where the similarity ends.

Hi trebor and steve,

just posting here an example of an audio editor (I admit I have barely compared this application’s features with Audacity’s features).
Just to help people visualize that there is already an audio editor out there that can run on a web browser. That’s all!

More of an exercise so we can all take a glimpse of what we could have in audacity in a future release like steve mentioned to me in a different post.
That’s all guys!