funbles keyboard shortcut, now in permanant timeshift!

Hi - I’ve been using Audacity for some time and every nw and them I get something that I can’t undo or get back to how it was before.

It all started when I fumbled some keys, I was typing some song lyrics and must have issued a keyboard shortcut when Audacity was “in focus” so now I have what I think is a Time Shift function active which makes things difficult. I just want the normal basic setup. Even if I close Audacity, start again with different audio files I still get the Time Shift thing going, I’ve looked through the online manual but can’t find any clues. I’ve looked in the time shift section tried esc, shift this and control that but nothing.

I’ve added a screen shot of my problem in the hope someone can see at a glance what i’ve got and know how to get it back to normal.

Thanks in advance.

You have accidentally selected the “multi-tool”. To go back to the normal “Selection tool”, press the F1 key.
For more info, see: