Fugue Audacity Skin

Hi there. Here’s a skin I did for the Audacity 1.3.6 beta (now 1.3.7).
It’s based on the fugue icon set from http://www.pinvoke.com/. It also features the Audacity Tango icon by ~STATiK-04 (http://statik-04.deviantart.com/art/Tango-Audacity-Icon-93201066).

Download here:
http://data.fuskbugg.se/skalman01/----ImageCache.png (v0.4)

How to install:

Feedback is much appreciated! :unamused:


Initial release
Added Audacity Tango icon by ~STATiK-04
Added multitool icon
Minor tweaks
Updated Windows/Linux interface
Added fugue-styled label controllers
0.4 (2009/02/06)
Added credits
Added new folder
Replaced som old tool icons with fugue-styled ones
Minor improvements

Nice looking theme tjoho0, though I think that theme looks better on your (Mac?) computer than on mine (Linux).
It will be nice when Theme support is extended to more elements :wink:
Have you made any changes to it since you posted here: http://audacityteam.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=657&p=34013#p34013

Thanks for the feedback and print screen. I’m gonna do my best to get it look better on Windows/Linux systems. Stay tuned.

Yep. There’s been a few changes/tweaks to it since I first mentioned it.

EDIT: I’ve uploaded a new version with updates for the Windows and Linux builds. Check it out and send me a print screen. :nerd:

By the way, did you replace the copy/paste icons, since the ones included in the theme aren’t visible in your print screen?

Here is a Windows screenshot. I’ve saved the .png in case we make a collection of ready made themes available via Preferences, or keep a repository of them online. I’d regard it as a Mac-specific theme really.

However I don’t regard the colour contrasts in the unmuted waveform, or those in the gain and pan controls as sufficient. I’d personally find the waveform very tiring to work with in a session of more than a few minutes. The worst problem (to me) is with the RMS (center) part of the waveform. Perhaps you could consider that, while keeping within the aesthetics of the theme as you see them.

Thanks very much for the contribution.


Thanks for the feedback. I agree. It’s a mac-theme, no doubt. What I find weird though is why you guys aren’t getting all the icons, like pasteboard, multitool, pen, etc.
Also, your play button seems to be a bit offset compared to mine, although it’s the same imagecache file.

I will have a look at the RMS. thanks again