From vinyl to digital

Hello everyone, I am not an expert so my question may result very stupid.
I have a record player with RCA output and I have a RCA to jack 3.5mm cable.
Is it possible to record a vinyl just plugging in the jack 3.5mm into my Mac and recording through Audacity?
Basically I am looking for any method that doesn’t require an audio interface.
Thank you for your time.

I’m a Windows guy but probably not… :frowning: It would depend on which Mac you have.

Does your mac have a audio line-input? It probably only has a mono microphone-in and headphone-out.

A line-level signal (from a phono preamp) is about 100 times stronger than a microphone signal.

And tell us abut the record player./turntable A regular “component turntable” needs a phono preamp. (1) Older audio receivers had a built-in phono preamp but it’s more rare today. If you have a stereo system that plays records and it has “tape out” or “record out” (RCA connections), that can go into the line-input of an audio interface. A headphone-output will also work into line-in.

(1) The output from a phono cartridge is about the same voltage as a microphone signal but it’s higher impedance and it requires RIAA equalization… Mic preamps and phono preamps are not interchangeable.

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