from roland vs890 to laptop pc

I am attempting to move all songs on my Roland vs890 to my laptop pc - windows xp. I downloaded audacity software okay. I am using a roland edirol audio interface cable. When all is connected and audacity is up, I hear nothing from the computer when I press play on the roland. It doesn’t seem to be recognizing the music. A friend was succesful using garageband on his mac with same vs890 and interface connector. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you selected the correct recording device (in the audacity preferences) and input source (on the mixer toolbar)? The computer won’t magically know where you have plugged the roland interface in, you will need to explicitly select it as the audio input. To hear sound from the computer, you will also need to have speakers somewhere, and then select the sound device they are connected to as the playback device. You can then see this FAQ: