Friend has an iPad. Can he use Audacity to

Hi, I have a friend who has an iPad . Can he use Audacity do to the following really basic functions.

  1. Drag .wav or .mp3 files in or at least get them in.
  2. Drag label tracks in.
  3. Of course Record his bass & mix the tracks.
  4. Merge 2 tracks to put a count in click at the front of his track.
  5. Export this merged bass part as .wav or .mp3 so friends can line up his track.

Can he do this with Audacity 2.3.1 if he finds the latest release has some sort of issue. I ask because I use Windows (know zip about Macs) and a latest release of Audacity had an issue so I had to go back to 2.3.1.


No. Audacity supports OS X (and Windows & Linux) but not iOS.

There are audio editors for iOS (and hardware interfaces for recording) but you’ll have to search.

Thanks DVDdoug. I will pass the info on. John

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