Fresh Fish with some Question.

Hello fellows,
I’m new to audacity and auto-tuning.
I found out some singer on Youtube tuned their voice very well.
Can you guys teach me where to start?
Because i’m so confused.

But it didn’t teach me where to start as a beginner…

Autotune plugins (like Gsnap) don’t really work properly with Audacity as Audacity does not have midi giving a reference tune the autotune can correct to …

Without a midi line it just gives half-baked versions of the weird “T-pain” “Cher” type effects …

The link I gave did lead to Youtube tutorials on the T-Pain effect with Gsnap …

Yeah. I got T-Pain’s effect works :stuck_out_tongue:
but i want to edit mine like this girl.
You know how?

Have you tried “singing lessons”?
Sometimes developing skills are more effective than clicking a magic button.

I’m sure i’m enough for that :stuck_out_tongue:
but i just want to try out editing the voice of mine.
is that ok with you?

Certainly that’s OK with me :stuck_out_tongue:
In terms of “effects”, I notice that the example that you posted uses reverb and a bit of double tracking, but pitch correction is not particularly evident - perhaps she can sing in tune.
The GSnap effect does seem to work for “gentle” pitch correction in Audacity. Your best reference for how to use it effectively is probably the GSnap manual. You now have as much information about using GSnap as we do. (Note: the MIDI features in GSNAP are not supported in Audacity).

What is reverb and double tracking? :3

“Reverb” is short for “reverberation”.
It’s an effect that simulates the effect of sound bouncing around in the room - for example, a tiled bathroom is more reverberant than a bedroom with soft furnishings, carpet and curtains.

“Double Tracking” is when there is more than one copy of the vocal track. The simplest form of double tracking is to simply record the vocal twice. The effet can also be produced by duplicating the vocal track, then shifting the copy so that it plays a fraction of a second later than the original, but not shifted so far as to sound like an echo. There are lots of subtle variations to this type of effect. You can hear double tracking at around 1:28 (“oh-hoo-ooh”)

If you listen to that recording at 1:57 (“just have to wait”) you can hear that the vocal is not being pitch corrected.

Good free reverb effect (which works with audacity 1.3) here …
[Moderator note: this is a VST effect for Windows operating systems]
[Trebor note: it is available for Mac OS too: “The DX Reverb Light is the ultimate free reverb plug-in for PC and Mac.” ]

Been trying out Audacity’s effect these few days.
I realise only some of the effect make changes from what i hear.
Pitch changing, Amplify and those.
But non of them is really giving a nice effect tho…

Does Autotalent have the same limitation? It does not seem to support MIDI as originally envisaged. I have seen an LV2 port of it with MIDI support but that no longer seems to exist.


It would be good if there was some beginners tutorials for this. Are there any?

Tutorials for what?