Frequency Analysis at Full Size Reveals Previously Hidden..

Frequency Analysis at Full Size Reveals Previously Hidden Life Form

Just curious–Here’s a pic of an analysis (at full size) of a song I’m editing. The peaks are obviously the sound -but what about the part from 1Hz (or 0?) to about 50Hz?

For optimum sound, should I High Pass Filter (or EQ?) any part of that?? I tried -48db high-pass filter at 50Hz and it seemed to take some of the good sound away as well. It definitely removed from about 40Hz and below though (all the low-end wiped clean).
Frequenct Analysis.JPG

Unsatisfied, I then started over, not touching the low-end but simply added treble, with the simple bass and treble effect. That was a definite improvement but still would like to be more precise (with the equalization) and have concluded -I NEED A REAL-TIME EQUALIZER! --so I can just adjust by ear, like I would any listening device, when listening to music–in real-time! Any plug-in suggestions would be appreciated–thanks.

That’s probably “noise”, but it is at a very low level.

Unfortunately Audacity does not have real-time effects, at lest not yet.
In the mean time, make full use of the “Preview” button. The Preview length can be made longer in Preferences
(“Edit menu > Preferences > Playback > Length of preview”)

Thanks Steve. Yes–that’s what I did–increased Preferences > Playback: Effects Preview to 30 seconds. That helps. I also tried quite a few plug-ins but none real-time capable and/or Audacity as you stated.

So can a plug-in be a real-time EQ? And if so, would it work with Audacity?

Audacity does have a real-time Mixer Board though… You’d think it wouldn’t be much of a leap from there… I have the idea of creating different equalized versions of the same track then using the Mixer Board… Not sure how that will work though… and exactly how each version should be equalized… that’ll be my next experiment.

The problem is with Audacity , not the VST plugins : they can be adjusted whilst playing in “live” VST hosts.
Real-time is very CPU intensive, when Audacity was created, circa 2000AD, the computers of the intended users wouldn’t have been be up to the job of doing real-time adjustments.

Darn --well hopefully next Audacity version will go REAL-TIME big time. --Thanks for the the info Trebor (and Steve).