Freezing and crashing when editing

I’ve been using Audacity for a few months. It has always crashed quite often for me but at the moment I have spent 3 hours simply trying to open a recording that i’ve been editing for the last week.
Everytime I try to open it Audacity asks me if i was to recovery the file, despite me having saved it the last time i closed it, and then freezes and shuts me out without giving me access to the recording.
the 2 times it did let me access the recording Everytime I tried to do anything it would take a solid minute to respond.

I have tried restarting audacity, restarting my computer, making sure all other programs were closed, opening the file from the folder it is in, opening the file straight from audacity, nothing works

The only thing i haven’t done is uninstall audacity and reinstall it cause i’m scared that will make me lose my files.

any thoughts?


maybe reinstalling works.
if you store your recorded A.files on a stick or other ext. storage-item, you can use them afterwards on this computer or any, that runs A.
Older versions of A. have a *.aup-file and a Folder with audio-data. in this case you should store both of them in the same place!
it is recommanded, to make a safe anyway!
By the way, you can tell A. were to store your recordings. so they can´t be deleted, if you delete the installing-file of A.
if you export your work to a *.wav or *.mp3 file, any other program will be able to read it
at least you can make a safe in another self-created File on the same computer.

A couple of likely causes -

External drives, especially network or cloud storage, can be “trouble” in real-time. It’s OK to transfer to-from these drives before or after you are using Audacity.

Some 3rd-party plug-ins can also cause crashes. Sometimes they aren’t “bad”, but just not compatible with Audacity.

And yes, WAV or FLAC, or any regular audio files are “simpler” and less fragile than AUP3 project files.

I recommend exporting to WAV or FLAC immediately after recording, whether you make an Audacity project file or not. And if it’s " important" make backups just as you would with any important file.

(MP3 is lossy so don’t use it for temporary storage. Every time you open and edit you go through another generation of lossy compression. But of course, it’s better than nothing for an emergency backup file.)

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