Freeze on Export Multiple

Greetings: I’ve been running Audacity on this generic Intel Pentium desktop computer for years without (unsolvable) problems. Now I’m running Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS with Audacity 3.1.3 downloaded from Ubuntu software (although the problem also occurred with the AppImage). The program freezes (must use Xkill to close) whenever I try to Export Multiple by Labels to MP3 files. The settings are
Folder: /my folder
Format: MP3 Files
Bitrate: Preset
Quality: Standard …
Channel Mode: Joint Stereo
Split files based on: Labels
File Names: Using Label/Track Name

I can save the session with all labels as an .aup file, and can select the entire audio and save it as .mp3 without labels. I can also Export one labeled song and its label as .mp3. I recently upgraded from Ubuntu 20.xx and believe, but am not sure, Audacity worked properly in 22.04.1 on Export Multiple for at least one session. I’m really frustrated because I rely exclusively on Audacity to record my extensive LP collection. Thanks for any help.

Addendum: When exporting, I get as far as the Edit Metadata window. I use/need this window to check on my editing/misspellings, etc. Once I click “OK”, the program freezes. This time I checked the “Don’t show” box, restarted Audacity, and was able to export all songs and labels from the first window. Hooray!!!

However, as noted, I like the Edit Metadata window, and am unhappy the fix is to eliminate it.

Two other problems: I save the exported files to an external USB hard drive with gobs of room. (This is not an insufficient space problem.) Although that USB drive is open and accessible in all other programs, Audacity gives me the error that it can’t open the drive for lack of permission. This despite giving that permission in Ubuntu Software, and despite Audacity’s ability to open and save to the other USB drive I have.

Finally, I just tried again to use the AppImage Audacity and got the same Export Multiple problems. However, many of the boxes and options in the setup menus and on the Export windows were not visible, so I could not, for instance, see if I had checked Split Using Labels, etc., or other options. Is this a bug, or have I missed something in the loading/running of the program.

OK: The disk problem was user error. So, I’m left with the Export Multiple/Edit Metadata problem, and the curious behavior of the AppImage problem.

I’m not able to reproduce the problem, but there’s a new “Audacity 3.2.0 alpha” available here that you could try:

Note that it is an “alpha” (pre-release) build.

So I’ve been getting other problems in other programs, and am no longer confident of my OS and discs. When (if) I sort those out, I’ll come back here and update. Thank you.