Hey guys;

Request anyone that might help i’m looking for some free plugins “EFFECTS AND EQUALIZATION” FOR ACOUSTIC GUITARS that works with audacity :stuck_out_tongue:
I basically want to play around with these whenever I record tracks using my acoustic.

Appreciate if you can send me the links for download :slight_smile:

thanks guys

Of course, Audacity’s built in effects can be applied to acoustic guitar (or any other sounds).

There’s a lot of free VST plug-ins available from KVR (

Note that VST3 and VSTi are NOT supported by Audacity.
Commercial plug-ins that include copy protection / encryption / key authorisation and similar technologies will usually not work with Audacity.

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thanks steve noted on this

Multiply plugin is free …

NB: The EQ part of the plug-in only alters the processed part of the signal.

thanks bro ill check these out