Free Mixer

my audacity is working fine, I can record with it , I can also record live internet radio…
its a great resource.

I m thinking now though of the ability to mix tracks… say 3 or 4 to be able to
get a song down with bass, vocals, piano etc.

Is there a free mixer anywhere on the web ?
I downloaded one a month ago but now I find its just a 15 day trial !

Audacity 1.3.12
View menu > Mixer Board.

Audacity can mix tracks… I’m not sure about what you’re trying to do… is what steve said what you were looking into?

If not please give more details about what you’re trying to achieve so we can point you in the right direction…

just to do the basic mixing of tracks,
playing a bass track, then a guitar track, then an organ,
then vocals, then mixing the tracks together
I ve relooked at my audacity, cant see any way of doing it on there

Mix levels of each track using the slider I've marked in red.png
You may also be interested in …[b]multi-track[/b]

Do you already have all those instruments recorded into separate tracks (one above the other) in an audacity project?

You can adjust volume and pan on each of them using the sliders trebor mentioned or the mixer board steve mentioned.

Then you can mix and render into one single track using the “mix and render” function in the Track menu. Or you can directly export to WAV (or other format) from the File menu.

Which part is not working for you?

For completeness an image of Audacity mixer board in action …
Audacity Mixer Board.png
The mixer board does allow finer adjustments to levels than the sliders at the left of each track.

thanks for that info , it all looks very interesting but I cant see how I can get up a mixer board,
could I be on an earlier version of audacity ?
THIS is what I am seeing…

In the ‘project’ drop down I do see… ‘align tracks’… so maybe there is some mixing ability in there !


You can see what version you have in Help → About.

The latest beta (1.3.12) is recommended.

In View menu you’ll find an option “Mixer Board” (it will be greyed out if you don’t have any tracks open).

In the Tracks menu you’ll find “Mix and Render”.

Whatever version you have you should see the sliders on the left side of each track like in the screenshot Trebor showed.

In your screenshot there’s no tracks… you can’t mix without tracks, you need to open those tracks first!

Thanks , I just downloaded the 1.3 beta,
The download didn t seem to have anything to "run " and install
so Ive just put the folder onto my desktop.
The window that comes up is entitled… "Clean Speech "
its audacity 1.3.12 unicode.

In the " view " dropdown I can see " mixer board "
so it looks like Im on the right track !

In the download page for windows: you have different files to download, there’s an .exe installer for Windows 2000/XP/Vista. There’s also a .zip version. You probably downloaded the .zip version. No problem with that. Just unpack like you probably did.

You probably don’t want clean speech mode, so you should turn it off. Go to Preferences → Interface → uncheck ‘CleanSpeech Mode’. Restart Audacity.

STRANGE, I start up this new beta audacity, hit record and immediately get
a clicking sound in speakers and a big blue audio signal in the audio track.

I dont think Im going to get much further… to record and mix I need to be able to
listen to a track playing and then play into it to make a new track,
and then be able to mix the tracks together.
I think I need specific, dedicated mixing software.

Apparently you didn’t see the link I gave a few posts ago … Redirecting to: