free midi to wav converter

I am finally learning how to use Audacity but now i need a Free Download to convert Midi to WAV…Does anyone know where I can find a free one on line…I searched all day and everyone is shareware…Heeeeeeelppp!!

Thanks bob

If you open up the MID file, doesn’t it play by itself? So what you really need is a program to record the Mac output while the performance is playing. I use WireTap to do that on My Mac quickly and easily, but that cost money. You can use SoundFlower to do the same thing from a free Apple download–but it’s quite a bit harder to use.


No , Audacity will not accept Midi files , so I need a converter to convert them to WAV so Audacity will recognize then

That’s not what Koz was saying.

A lot of computers are configured to open a suitable MIDI player (such as QuickTime) automatically if you try to open one (double click on its icon). He is then going on to say how, when the MIDI file is playing in some other program, you can record it in Audacity.

Have a look at this topic:

Right. If I open anything on the Mac something will leap up and volunteer to play the work, usually successfully. On the PCs, chances are that will happen, too.

Almost any sound card made since my Windows 98 machine will interpret a MIDI file. I think the software was SoundBlaster on my old PC, but that’s not the point. Once you have music coming out of your computer (double click the file and see what happens), you need to capture it and that’s your sound file.

You can also tell by all this that a MIDI instruction file is a complete slave to the machine or software that’s actually creating the music. The music created by my thousand-year-old sound card in the Windows 98SE machine isn’t going to sound anything remotely as nice as the exact same MIDI file applied to my 88 key, floor-standing, hot and cold running beer Yamaha keyboard.


Maybe so and maybe not.
Old SoundBlaster cards had a hardware MIDI synthesiser built in, so MIDI files would almost always play without any problem. More recent SB cards use “Wavetable Synthesis” and require that a “Sound Font” is loaded into RAM, otherwise no sound will come out.

Recent versions of Windows include a software synth that can be used, but it is not always included in the default installation. Also, the synth output must be enabled in the Windows Mixer.

QuickTime player on Windows includes a software synth that it will use by default, so if Quicktime is used as the MIDI player, then it should work. (Quicktime Player is not a standard part of Windows).

WOW! You guys re so understanding & helpful…Again many, many thanks…What i am really trying to do is convert my Midi Songs to wma…The new Google Picasa 3 has a function to let you change all photos to a sort of movie type thing & you can put music to it also…The problem is that it will only accept WMA, so I need to convert my MIDI files & other types of song files to accomodate this…Thanks Bob

If you are on Windows, I believe that there is a wma encoder (converts WAV into WMA) available free directly from Microsoft (available from the Microsoft web site).

Thanks again…i will go looking…oh, i finally figured out how to make a song play over & over again on audacity…i figured it out on my own…i simply used their copy & paste function & it worked fine…Thanks again

Another way to do it is to use the “Repeat” function in the Effects menu.