Free auto-EQ plugin (64-bit VST/VST3)

Never seen a free one before …

It does work in Audacity 3.2.0 : it appears as “Focusrite” Balancer in RealTime effects menu.

The trick to applying the corrective EQ this plugin calculates, (which you can hear), to the audio
is to pause* the playback, then mix & render.

[ * pause, not stop. If you stop, the default settings are applied, which in this case is null].

Apparently the Balancer isn’t just adjusting the EQ : the stereo-image is being changed, (for the better)
sonible -Focusrite - balancer (free).gif

What the “Universal” (generic) target EQ produces …
9dB bass boost is a bit much IMO, but still, it neutralizes the EQ, quickly, for free.

There are other target presets: Male voice, Female voice, Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, etc.

No longer available

May you upload the plugin on any website, please?

Redistribution of their software is a no-no.