Free Album made Entirely On Audacity

As a project of mine I found a cool way to make music through recording instruments and overlapping them in Audacity.
Here is a youtube link to this stuff I made and a short process of how I did it.

To make a song in Audacity, you need a timed recording of the music you to make, it is the skeleton to song :open_mouth: spookle sketl
There are three ways to get the foundation, the skeleton: use a recording, play an instrument to a metronome, or use this muse™ software.
I used all three of these ways to make this pilotroo album.
link to download muse™


As you can see, this with the metronome one and recorded into audacity is the foundation to the song.
By hitting the record button, simply record and play each instrument to the foundation and the latter instruments, look at this picture ill explain more in a sec

This process is nice, as it always will be on time and allows you explore all options, as it is not very restrictive.
An entirely recorded song is as follows

remember to delete your foundation once you have moved past it! It sounds super stupid with the metronome in the the back.
As you play more, more of the song grows and you can hear that. It is important to remember your recording order.
Lets say you recorded a ‘muse-syn-guitar-bass-guitar2’ order it might we advantageous to re-record the syn, as the syn was recorded with not much of the song’s character built. This of course comes with diminishing returns, so I only do it once a song.
Look at this picture with ur eyeballs:

Notice how all my instruments have a direct output. This is so if I record six microphones over each other, it doesnt sound like shit. If maybe one or two microphones are going at the same time with noise reduction and there is plenty of sounds already going on, microphone recording practices become much easier. (I kinda slack on it, as you can hear.) It allows you use a cheaper usb microphone without much punishment.
-Soundcards, there are 75$ ones on amazon that allow you to go from aux directly into your PC
Oh yeah, there are no drums because I do not know how to play drums. My friend knows how and they might show up on the b-side.
They would serve as a good foundation, but id say theyd have to be re-recorded at the end but what do I know I dont play drums my guy :neutral_face:

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Awesome work! I like the synth work in the first song. Keep it up.

Oh yeah, there are no drums because I do not know how to play drums. My friend knows how and they might show up on the b-side.

[u]EZdrummer[/u] is mostly a MIDI application but I believe it can run as a stand-alone application. You might have to create the drum track(s) first to keep everything synchronized, or maybe not if the metronome/click track keeps a known-solid tempo.

I’ve never used it but here’s something I saved from Recording Magazine:

For nearly 20 years now, I’ve followed the submissions to our Reader’s Tapes column looking for relationships between the gear used and the end results. I’m particularly interested the fact that many of our readers don’t play drums themselves, or have a live drummer…

Some use drum machines, some drag and drop drum loops… and arrange them in their DAWs, some use rhythm box plug-ins, and the results are all over the map… Whether it’s bad samples, unrealistic mixing, sloppy effects, or a groove no real drummer would play, these less-than-stellar drum tracks can drag an entire song down…

Comparing gear lists to critique results, > a small handful of products could be traced consistently to excellent drum tracks. [EZdrummer] was not only among the most consistent of the virtual drummers but also among the most affordable.

that’s a load of cool stuff… thank you!