Fractional millisecond time readouts

Windows 7 Home Deluxe, Audacity 2.0.5, .exe installer:

In my previous version (1.3 I think) the time format h.m.s would display 4 places to the right of the decimal point for seconds. In this version, h.m.s + milliseconds displays only 3. Is there a way to display 4 places (1/10 milliseconds)? Thanks.

No, that’s a feature request. 1.2.x displayed microseconds (six decimal places of microseconds) but you can’t work with audio that is shorter than the length of an audio sample. For example even at 100000 Hz, a microsecond is a only one tenth of a sample length.

In 2.0.5 you can right-click over Selection Toolbar and change the format to samples or hours, minutes, seconds and samples.