Found lost data, now how to rename folder to make it work

Hi all-y first project in Audacity and I really like it. Unfortunately, I did not realize it would create a data folder and at some point I renamed the project. I spent two hours working on it intensely and finished. Today, upon opening, it tells me all data is missing. (460 files).
There are 460 files in a folder, but the project and the folder are obviously disconnected.
Can you tell me how to reconnect the project with the correct data folder?

Oh, and I tried the obvious fix, which is making the names of the folders match, leaving the data at the end of the data folder name. That didn’t work.

If you attach the “.aup” file to your reply, I’ll be able to tell you what the file and folder should be called.
See here for how to attach a file to your post:

Thanks, Steve. I think I have it attached now.
I did try renaming the data folder with the 460, but it did not work. I’ll triple check while I await your reply. Thanks so much…

I renamed the Data folder to try to get it to work with the new aup after I realized the issue…it is now named “IntroPartOneNEW_data”.

It seems not.
See the instructions here:

IntroPartOneNEW.aup (80.1 KB)
There was an extra step I missed :frowning:

The AUP file should be called “IntroPartOne.aup”
and the data folder should be called “IntroPartOne_data”.

This is where the information comes from - opening the AUP file in a plain text editor shows this (I have highlighted the relevant part):

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no" ?>

projname=“IntroPartOne_data” > version=“1.3.0” audacityversion=“2.3.3” sel0=“1233.0260317460” sel1=“1233.0260317460” vpos=“0” h=“1229.2411791383” zoom=“172.2656250000” rate=“44100.0” snapto=“off” selectionformat=“hh:mm:ss + milliseconds” frequencyformat=“Hz” bandwidthformat=“octaves”>

Thanks, Steve! Makes sense to me. I’ll never rename a project again without considering the other changes needed!

The safe way to change the name of the project is with Audacity:

  1. Open the project
  2. File menu > Save Project > Save Project As…” and enter the new name.

For more information, see:

That’s very helpful. Yes, I changed it outside of Audacity.
Thanks for your help & have a great rest of the weekend…