Forum's new design

Wow! This is quite different than the last time I logged in…

I’m guessing an upgrade/revamping was needed on the old forum, but can’t say I’m that excited with the new look…

I’m sure it looks better on mobile devices and probably has some great new features, but it feels like one of my favorite local pubs suddenly turned into a macdonalds, full of bright lights and no longer that cozy and warm as usual… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I guess I’ll have to get used to the new look… but I doubt it will ever feel the same again…
At least all the old posts seem to still be here (and I hope the “old” admins/moderators are too! :wink:)

Fwiw: in you can select another theme and color scheme. The solarized color scheme may feel more warm.

It’s also reasonably easy to add additional themes, so if there’s one from here which you like, let me know: theme - Discourse Meta

I’m actually comforted by the fact that they’re using Discourse as the basis for their new forum. It’s the same system that Let’s Encrypt uses, and those folks are pretty good about vetting their outward facing infrastructure vendors.

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Hi Bruno, the old team are not around as much, but waxcylinder, koz, trebor, Bill and myself still drop in. Hope you’re keeping well and still making beautiful guitar music :slight_smile:

I’ve never been a fan of solarized schemes… I’m trying shades of blue now, it’s a bit less “bright” and I think will help my brain adjust to the new design.

I prefer the Audacity Air theme over the Discourse default.
Please don’t get me wrong, the new forum seems quite nice, it’s very responsive and seems to have a lot of nice features, but the old one had been engraved in my brain for so many years that it might take a while to adjust to the new layout.

I like the new email notifications much more than the old ones!

I’m a big fan of Let’s Encrypt, although I wasn’t even aware they had a forum… I just run certbot on a few linux servers I admin :slight_smile:
But I agree with you… if they use it, it must be good!

Hi Steve! Nice to know that you and the usual suspect are still around :wink:
I’m doing well, unfortunately a bit too busy with other things and the guitar has been collecting dust more than anything… :frowning: (well technically the guitar case is collecting dust, the guitar’s safe inside :wink: )

I hope you guys are doing well too!

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That’s a great analogy! I feel the same way. It’s like something familiar has been changed, and it takes some getting used to. I’m sure people will eventually get used to the new look though.