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How do I post Audiobook-Mastering-Macro.txt?

Since it’s a text file, there is always the possibility the forum is going to try to modify it, clean it up, or add tags and decoration.

Make it stop.

I’ve been posting

That makes it past all the “help” systems, but can you sense a disturbance in the force? What do the Windows people see? Audiobook-Mastering-Macro.txt and they try to install it cold.

Let’s say they are forewarned about the zip configuration and they double click it to de-zippify it. Then what? They get Audiobook-Mastering-Macro. Where did the text file go?

So I’m looking for a way to post the plain text in the forum (it’s not that long) and append tags which guarantee the forum will not try to mess with it.


So I have no problems with your link in the 8/24 post here: Help with sound setting - #8 by Ray

I double-click on the downloaded zip file, then double-click on the embedded (.txt) file and it opens for me in Notepad where I can copy it or save it elsewhere.

(Or is that 9/24? I seem to be having my own issues with this thing :grinning: - it is just not the same. )

Of course, the goal is to install it as a Macro in Audacity. I wouldn’t have thought this would be that difficult.

You know where I’m going with that forum thing? The forum uses special text characters for formatting. So all I need to do is go through the code and make sure all the characters are correct.

Do you code? I do just enough HTML to know what a total joy finding one character wrong is.


Actually, I don’t. And I don’t seem to have Steve’s mind reading ability. :wink:

So even if you can do this this, you still haven’t solved the getting into a Macro on a Windows computer - which can be half of the battle. Steve has this Nyquist plugin installer thingy. Do we need one for Macros ?

Comment:_=“Audiobook-Mastering-Macro.txt runs the ACX Audiobook Mastering Suite Rel 1.1 20210424 Kozikowski”
FilterCurve:f0=“50” f1=“60” f2=“65” f3=“70” f4=“80” f5=“90” f6=“100” FilterLength=“8191” InterpolateLin=“0” InterpolationMethod=“B-spline” v0=“-120” v1=“-50” v2=“-24” v3=“-12” v4=“-4” v5=“-1” v6=“0”
LoudnessNormalization:DualMono=“1” LUFSLevel=“-23” NormalizeTo=“1” RMSLevel=“-20” StereoIndependent=“0”
Limiter:gain-L=“0” gain-R=“0” hold=“10” makeup=“No” thresh=“-3.5” type=“SoftLimit”

The above uses the “Block Quote Feature”, which looks pretty close (maybe double spaces removed).

The spaces don’t bother me. How did you do that?



Ah. Direct Quote. Don’t mess with this.

Thank you.


I have added the macro to btw, so you can just link to that page if you want to.

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