Forum search-function not capable of finding phrases :¬(

I was looking for my very old post on “sine speech”,
I tried searching the forum for that two-word phrase …

apparently the forum search doesn't do verbatim phrases, (with or without quotes).png
That search, (with or without quotes), finds any post which contains the words “sine” AND “speech”, four pages of them.

On other forums if you use quotes you can search for an exact phrase.

Do the other forums use phpBB?
If so, how do they do that?

If I want to search for a phrase on the forum, I use Google with a search such as:

site: "the phrase I'm looking for"

One I’m thinking of uses …

OK, I’ll just resort to Google …“sine+speech”

I’ve done a bit of digging regarding this.

Apparently phrase searching IS an available feature for phpBB, and is enabled via “Fulltext mysql” or “Fulltext native”, but unfortunately there are currently open bugs for both of these methods. When these bugs are fixed, I’ll ask the system administrator to enable phrase search.

In the meantime, Google Search with the “site:” keyword is effective (though a little less convenient).