Forum migration complete - important information


This forum completed migration from phpbb to discourse on March 11. Here are some things to note:

Old passwords won’t work

In order to login, you will need to reset your password. This is due to a new password hashing algorithm. Once you have reset your password (which can be the same as the old password), you can use this forum as usual.

Users with 0 posts have not been migrated

If you have never posted, or had all of your posts deleted, you’ll need to create a new account.

This forum is still “under construction”

While the database has been migrated, we still need to do some work to get everything set up. This shouldn’t majorly impede on regular use, but you may see some thing jump around from time to time.
Things should be ready to go now.

Give us your feedback

Given this is an entirely new forum platform, we may have overlooked some things. Please let us know if you find any boilerplate text which doesn’t make sense or other things which seem broken.


Please add an option in Preferences for giving users a choice, if they want their Sidebar to loose its vertical scroll-bar when its [folder or unfolded] content exceeds its size

[I personally do not like to have to scroll within some menus - I prefer to have on overall scroll bar for the whole window; of in this case the forum of Audacity]

In concurrence with such change, or even lack of it, the icon for the Keyboard Shortcuts link should be moved from the bottom of Sidebar to the top very bar, where there is enough space for it [and where it would remain being visible always. i.e. as it is happening right now, if my first proposition is implemented and utilized by any user]

That may be a feature request to the theme creators: ☁️ Discourse Air Theme - theme - Discourse Meta

  1. Could you create important links under categories like latest Audacity download link, new beta access.

  2. Old forum loads faster. This is too slow.

Nice to see this new solution. If I had known about plans of migration I would have recommended Misago (build with Python/Django) and I could help with migration.

I am happy to congratulate you on the successful migration of the site. Currently, I check site uptime status with hosttracker, your site is working stably and without crashes. Although some time ago the site was sometimes unavailable. I also had trouble logging into the site, but that was because I couldn’t remember my email password.

I really like your work.

Quotes not working properly in new forum :frowning_face:

Not on old posts, e.g. … Add radio effects - #6 by Trebor no name on quoted text.

Nor on new posts made after migration, e.g. …
Seeking podcast editing advice - audio levels are all over the place! - #4 by Trebor name of person quoted is visible, but not rendered properly.

Apparently the [quote] and [/quote] both need to be in new lines for quoting to work, I fixed it in the post you linked.

As for old posts, apparently the migration script didn’t convert this information. There’s no way to fix this. FWIW: It still remembers which post you replied to (the parent post has a “1 reply” thingy).

Thanks for that.

Another issue :frowning_face:: audio clips attached to posts now have no name …
attached audio clips are now nameless

With attached images, hovering the cursor over them reveals the name of the (image) file,
but not so with attached audio files.

It’s impossible to even open this website from Russia anymore. I had to use a VPN

I just made a post about it there

It got moved to here