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Hello! I want begin recording from musical source . ~20-50mV, i think, device sinthezer across audio card to comp Linux mint 20, version of audacity 3.2.1 and i cant find like to open menu “Mixer”, in order switch on available source , so i cant even do attempt/

Windows guy here.

The Audacity 3.2 release included a few changes that have not worked their way in to the manual. These are described here @1:36 in this video:

One change of note is that the Device Toolbar has now been replaced by the Audio Setup button. (The old Device Toolbar may still be available under View > Toolbars > Device Toolbar).

Another change discussed in the video is that Audacity’s Mixer Toolbar has now been combined with the Recording and Playback Meter Toolbars.

Hello. really versions 3.2.2 not working in my comp, and out ,so i think because my comp not working in sse 4.4.1 4.4.2 et cetera/
But in version 2.2.1 I have problem. recording pass 1.5--------17 seconds and all, breaking.
What can I do?

Perhaps you want to rephrase your query.


But it was so in versions 322 and 302 and 2xx, recording breaks in new passage times , and impossible understand why every time and innew longs of time .
and now i have version 3.1.1
and all. as to beginning working! Thank

I’m glad 3.1.1 seems to be working for you. Some others are happy with 3.1.3.

iy need close question or no so necessity?