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I am experiencing a difficult problem and need help in fixing it, please. The grey bar at the bottom of the Audacity screen which follows the cursor no longer moves at all except when I move it manually. As I produce audio books and do Voiceovers from home you can imagine that this makes the process very difficult. The “Audio Position” still works but not the “Length and Centre of Selection” I am using Windows 10 with the most up-to-date Audacity

Help please.



the most up-to-date Audacity

2.3.2? Sometimes real numbers are valuable particularly if you’re having trouble.

Do you have your machine set to auto-update? We are finding that sometimes home computer systems are improved so much they stop working. Do you have more than one computer?

There are ways to reset Audacity, but there is a caution that doing that also removes plugins and manual filters. Do you keep an independent location for backup storage of these plugins?

This is a screen cap of my system folder. This is not the actual installed and working app, just the backup installers and plugins.

Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 4.30.44.png
If you perform audiobooks using published techniques, you have at least two plugins, RMS Normalize and ACX Check. This is one reason if you do a lot of this, you should have two computers to avoid the “world is going to end” scenario when your machine goes face-first into the mud.