FocusRite iTrack SOLO - test

Ok, I decided to improve a bit the audio quality of my “show” and got myself a Focusrite iTrack Solo (kit). The “kit” is composed by a USB interface (the aforementioned ‘iTrack solo’) that has dual input (a XLR mic input with phantom power) and a simple 5mm jack input, and dual output. Besides the USB there is a “monitor” output that accept a 6.5mm stereo headphones (included in the kit) and a couple of RCA output in the back.
A usb-for-iPad port is also present and justify the ‘i’ in the name of the thing.

Now, included with the kit was the microphone that is advertised as an iTrack CM25S. The mic is condenser microphone that (as far as I can tell) as a good enough quality, but I can’t find any information about what it is in reality, the ‘CM25S’ product code only return the same kit I bought, so maybe is a rembranded microphone or maybe not…

Quality is, as far as I am concerned, more than adequate for the price paid. In order to get the whole kit in lose component you’d have to shell a bit more, you would have, on the other hand, the ability to pick each part at your leasure (I didn’t really need another pair of headphones).

A simple audio track is included as an example.

Only con I found in the whole setup is that power to the interface is only through the USB: there is no extra power adapter, this could introduce noises in the whole thing, and a 1.6 mt long USB cable doesn’t help… On the other hand, you can put the microphone quite far away with a 3mt. cable…

You can see the whole caboodle on focusrite website (search iTrack solo) so I won’t include a link.


It sounds OK to me. Is there a question?

Hmmm… I do realize now that the “question” was left out… it was more or less… does it sounds ok or am I mistaken? I also realize that is kind of dumb…