FM-modulation but just not: frequencies serial

Just found FM-modulation script, and it looks ok. Some limits. “Base freq” and then “modulating, original signal”. Deviation is quite little. But, is excelent.

Just now working with quite simple “ring tone”, it is as phone call. “Dual tone”, 500 Hz, 1kHz and 10 Hz change between signals. Several times I make it only way I know: “create tone 1kHz, lenght eg. 100 ms”, “create tone 500 Hz, 100 ms” and then manually copypaste. FM-modulation make this about… about. “Base freq 500 Hz, modulate with 10 Hz square etc”…

Maybe script is also possible, but how? this type…
Line1: create 500 Hz sine, amplitude 0,8, lenght 100 ms
Line2: create 1 kHz sine, amplitude 0,8, lenght 100 ms
(Line 3: create 1200 Hz sine, amplitude 1, lenght…)
(Line 4…)
Repeat until 3000 ms

Is this possible and how?

Perhaps this “DTMF Tones” plug-in is what you’re looking for: