Flatline Audacity but OK Arcsoft and VLC

Version 2.3.2 Windows 10
I’m using August VGB100 (USB) to record from vinyl. Persistent flat line on Audacity.
Been through all of FAQ in detail. Audacity recognises the device i.e. start Audacity, then plug in, then rescan devices and up it pops
Arcsoft Showbiz (free version) will play through but not record as no video input (pity as the video results are great and play on anything)
VLC will record, but uses different Codex and can only play files back on VLC. I want to put the recordings into itunes for transfer to phone etc.
Computer settings unchanged between trials of these software.
I would be very grateful for any help - or should this flat-liner go for cremation?

I think that indicates the problem. Because it is a video device, it is producing a video stream muxed with audio, whereas Audacity is expecting a pure audio stream.

VLC has settings for the saving format. It should be possible to save in a format that works in other applications.
Alternatively, you could get a USB audio interface for capturing sound from your record player.

Thanks Steve, I’ll give it a try

OK Steve, I’ve turned off the crematorium.
You are absolutely correct - I have been able to convert the VLC file. If the quality is insufficient I’ll buy an audio a to d device to use Audacity.
Thank you so much for the explanation and advice, I’d been struggling for a while.
Bws Charles