Flanger Effect on Vocals

So , I stick a small pinch of Flanger on my vocal tracks , I really liked , how it sounded , it did not sound un-natural or anything ,

So what is it doing to my voice that made it have better sound ?

without flanger my voice kind of has a real nasual-ness to it

Audacity’s native flanger can create a pseudo-stereo effect, (if you have two tracks).
Audacity's native flanger.png

without flanger my voice kind of has a real nasual-ness to it

Does it sound like you? You may need someone else to tell you that. People new to recording don’t know what they naturally sound like and most people hate their own voice at first. This is sometimes because they’re hearing it for the first time without skull bone conduction.

I’m not on board with adding flanger distortion to make you sound “better.” Different, maybe. It’s totally possible your microphone or sound recording system is creating bad sound. If you have a boost at certain musical tones for whatever reason, your voice may get that Fingernails on Blackboard sound and you don’t really sound like that at all.

Post a test clip on the forum. Twenty seconds of “raw” mono reading out loud with two seconds of natural silence. Do not process or filter anything.


We do warn audiobook readers that we have tools and techniques to make your reading pass the audiobook technical standards, but if you can’t read out loud, then we’re out. No tools to make you into an announcer.


Doesn’t matter what you read, but read enough. Read the side of the Cheerios box or the milk carton. We had a couple of posters who thought “Hello, One Two.” was enough.

It’s not.