FLAC to MP3 artwork folder question

Hello All,

I recently ripped a couple hundred CDs and maybe 50 LPs into FLAC format. I’d like to create a new file and shrink most of them into MP3 for use in a portable media player (FIIO X1). To do that I downloaded the LAME capability and used the chain command on a test sample. The process created a new folder called “cleaned” and added the new MP3s there. It worked flawlessly on all the songs in my test file but didn’t touch the folder with the album artwork.

I have plenty of room on the hard drive so I made a mirror image of the download file to experiment on. In a perfect world, I’d just convert that new file to MP3 format which would include all of the folders, subfolders, songs and the album art.

Can anyone direct me to a tutorial or previous posts that gets me closer to the goal? Thanks in advance, Skip

PS Win 10, 64-bit, i5 chip, SSD and HDD, fresh Audacity install

Audacity does not support album art, but you can add album art to MP3s with MP3Tag http://www.mp3tag.de/en/

Thanks, I’ll check that out. sh