flac in flac out?

I’ve managed to combine (join) several FLAC audio tracks seamlessly, but when I try to save the resulting track, my only choices are WAV, MP3, or Ogg Vorbis. Is there a way to simply save the new combined file as FLAC without extra conversion to another file format? Thank you!

Audacity version 1.3.9 (the current beta version, due for release as version 2.0 very soon) will allow you to export as FLAC. Version 1.2.6 will not.

You can have both version 1.2.6 and 1.3.9 on your computer but you can only have one running at any time.


Audacity 1.2.6 does support Flac but you need to configure Flac as the “uncompressed audio format” in “Edit menu > Preferences > File formats”.
Having said that, I would still recommend upgrading to the latest Audacity 1.3 (and then to 2.0 when available).

Thanks for your replies, Irish and STF. I installed the new version, and all is well.