Flac export setting

Hello, in Audacity I imported a 44100 Hz/16 bit wav file, I would like to export it in flac format.
Is it possible to set parameters like bit depth, bitrate, etc.?
I have seen that there is only a scale of quality levels, but it is not clear how the parameters vary.
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The sample rate (44,100Hz) is the Project Rate which will default to the original sample rate, unless you change it or unless you import files with different sample rates into the same project.

You can choose the bit depth as 16 or 24-bit when you export.

Those are the ONLY settings that affect quality. FLAC is lossless so if you don’t change those, the audio data is identical when decompressed. (Except Dither should be set to “none” if you want identical data.)

The “Level” the compression level and a higher number will compress more (lower bitrate). With a higher number it “works harder” and it may take longer to compress.

…The compression levels have been “consolidated” and I THINK 5-8 are all the same now and maybe some other level have been combined too.

But the highest audio quality final .flac file is obtained with level 0 or with level 8?
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FLAC is lossless (the same quality as the original if you don’t change the sample rate or bit depth). The level only affects the amount of compression (file size). The file size also depends on the program material. “Simple” audio compresses better

So based on what one choose the level? It could be set to level 8 by default, if the final quality doesn’t change the other levels would be useless.

The lower numbers should compress faster (except for the “consolidation”). For most people that’s not a consideration and they can just use “8” for the smallest files.

But it may not make THAT much difference unless you go down to “0” or “1”, etc.

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