Fixing volume controls post-recording

I have windows 10 and audacity 2.1.2, not sure if exe or zip. I downloaded from the website

I just did my first podcast, ever. The boss says the difference between my voice and the audio clips used from an event is so big as to be unpublishable. I ran the wav file through Levelator and thought that’s what Levelator does, but apparently not

Are there menu choices to level volumes for the whole file, once it’s all packaged? Or do I have to re-do the entire thing. If I have to re-do, how can I avoid this in the future?

Thanks in advance


Leveller has a great name, but it’s one of the older tools. It works by taking an ax to your sound and whacking away at it until it’s about the right volume. It’s kept around (by demand) because there is no better way to make an Air Traffic Controller voice.

“Roger Air New Zealand. Clear for departure two-four right. Good day.”

So, no. That’s not a good choice, unless the goal is a voice like that.

Describe the show in detail. You walked around the company picnic with a portable recorder interviewing people. Then you sat down with Audacity in a quiet room and narrated a company inspirational message. Then you cut it all together into a single show for posting on the company web page.

Like that.

Cellphones are a curse because they make you think you can aim a box at your face and crank out a podcast. Sometimes that works depending on the box…and how lucky you are.

If you tried to record a complex show without paying attention to volume (and the blue waves), you may have a permanently fried show.

So play Producer. Tell me what was in your head when you started, the equipment you used and how you got there. We can’t even begin to help without knowing where you were going and what happened.


Can you post the whole show somewhere we can get it? DropBox? That’s a lot better than us batting messages back and forth.


There is a plugin for Audacity called “level speech”, which does the same thing as Levelator, see …