Fixing Tunnel Effect

I’m new to this, but I was wanting to see if someone could walk me through the steps to remove the tunnel effect of this recording. I ask you to walk me through because I have several recordings that I need to apply this same methodology to. I’ve looked through the forums and there are various posts on tunnel effect, but it seems as though there is a different answer depending on who is posting back.

I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium with Audacity 2.0.5 this was obtained with the .exe installer.

Thanks in advance
Pete Fortunato Session 9-Audacity.aup (13.5 KB)

An “AUP” file is not an audio file. It only contains instructions to tell Audacity how to reconstruct the Audacity project from the audio data that is on your computer. It does not contain any audio data. See here for more information (important concept when working with Audacity)

To post an audio file that we can listen to, please see here:

Let me try this again. Please list the steps taken to edit the test track.

Probably not able to make much improvement to that - it’s pretty bad quality.
It sounds like the recording has already had substantial processing done to it. If so, could you post a short sample of the original unprocessed recording. I can’t promise much improvement but happy to take a look.

Here’s a small snippet of one of the originals. Please let me know if anything can be done.

Thanks again

Not much :frowning:

Noise Removal is a waste of time because the the noise and the voices occupy the same frequency band. Reducing the noise will muddle the speech and make it even harder to understand.

Probably the best that you can do is to try any pull the speech frequencies a little more to the foreground.

First, delete the big click from the start, then Amplify with the default values. Then apply Equalization. I used these settings:
This is the result. It still sounds bad, but I can make out a bit more clearly what is being said.