Fixing distortion caused by clicks on vinyl

Continuing the discussion from Odd repeating low-energy distortion (?) in recorded LP:

I am new to using Audacity. I am looking for some fixes to a vinyl click which elevates the immediate subsequent signals to ride on the decaying click. Currently, I perform piecewise normalization of the elevated signal, and use repair to smooth out the transition between each piece. Conceptually, it should be a simple fix to drag down the elevated signal to the baseline. Is there such a plug-in?

If the “elevated signal” is louder than the rest of the audio,
then the PopMute plugin may be able to hammer down such spikes.

Thanks, but I don’t see Pop Mute under any sub-manuals under effects. Not in Fading. I am using version 3.3.3 on Windows 10.

PopMute is a (Nyquist) plugin you have to install

Works like a charm. Thanks. The last time I learned about Nyquist plots was half a century ago, for control systems. This Nyquist plugin is easier to understand, and more practical.