Fix distortion on audio file

I have some video files where the audio is very distorted in places where the sound was very loud - the typical rasping sound. Is there a way with Audacity to remove that or to reduce it? (I can split the audio from the video and deal with it separately.) I searched but could not see a similar question. Thanks.

You can try [u]Clip Fix[/u]. That may help depending on the nature of the distortion. If you have “clean”[u]clipping[/u] it should help, but it’s not perfect because it’s impossible to know the original shape & height of the original wave and there are other kinds of distortion.

I can split the audio from the video and deal with it separately.

Audacity can do that. You may need to install FFMpeg “helper” software. You need a separate video editor to put the sound back in the video.

Don’t fall in love with ClipFix. That was designed to fix occasional overload distortion and it works by comparing the damage to the healthy sound before and after. If there is no healthy sound before and after a clip event, there is no fix. A clip event is one tiny blue wave. Not three minutes of continuous distortion.

Do you know why the sound was distorted? Rock Concert? Those are famous for going beyond what a camcorder microphone can handle.


It was at an amplified performance and results in repeated distortions at the loud places. I tried ClipFix but unless I am doing something wrong it doesn’t seem to fix the issue. Thanks for the suggestions.